Growth Strategy

Controlled growth and traction through minting small collections
Each collection release is designed to attract passionate Solana and NEAR users. Our hypothesis is after each collection have launched we’ll have approximately 5,000 - 10,000 rabid ‘pin heads’ who are highly active participants of REVERB.
The REVERB mobile site is chain-agnostic allowing us to open up participation to a wide swath of web3 users.
In Q4 (and after a slow build of fomo), we will open up REVERB to anyone with a Solana or NEAR wallet (and more L1 chains in the future). All users will be able to enjoy the gamification and token earning of REVERB, however, only holders will have access to addition tiered perks.
Opening REVERB to the entire web3 ecosystem across multiple blockchains is much like streams all leading to one river. Our goal is the be the bridge between web3 and businesses globally.