Gen 1 Holder Benefits

Solluminati Gold Eye shard: Only 33 gold eyes were created. We have one of them, and we're going to fracture it into enough shards so each Gen 1 Pin Club NFT receives one. By holding a shard, the owner will have access to the full suite of Solluminati tools.
Access to our Notion DAO document: The "scaffolding" of our DAO has been articulated in a master document on Notion. Holders will have visibility into the Treasury wallet, budgeting, cashflow, voting, etc...
Pin Pass: Think of it as lifetime access to any and all projects launched by Pin Club, including WL to future collections, IRL events, etc... We view this project as a 10-year plan with cross-chain implications.
Complimentary Gen 2 NFT: The Gen 1 Pin Club NFT MUST BE STAKED until the Gen 2 mint. Every Gen 1 NFT that remains staked up to Gen 2 mint day will be airdropped a Gen 2 NFT.
Tier-based token airdrop: After tokens are issued, Gen 1 holders will receive a one-time token airdrop. The number of tokens will be distributed based on the tier of the Gen 1 NFT.
Discounted Gen 2 Mint Pricing:
  • Legendary Gen 1: pays 25% of mint price
  • Trophy Case Gen 1: pays 50% of mint price
  • Unique Tier Gen 1: pays 75% of mint price